Process & Manufacturing
Discovery Chemistry

160+ well trained chemists

78,000 sq ft lab space

200 lab hoods with state of art instruments

Novel building blocks, fragment & focused libraries including:

SAR kit, API-based fragment libraries etc.

Medicinal chemistry services including: hit/lead generation, lead optimization and custom synthesis

30000+ catalogue building blocks independently designed and synthesized

10000+ in-stock products with best quality and fast delivery

SAR kits & API-based fragment libraries available to meet your research demand

Process Chemistry

80 well-trained chemists (including 9 PhD),  15+ QC analysts

50,000 sq ft lab space with PD labs, analytical labs, & kilo-labs

GMP Kilo-lab (in planning)

3x200L; 10x100L; 10x50L reactors

Process research service including route scouting etc.

Kilo-scale production of key intermediates and RSMs

Preclinical manufacturing (GLP synthesis)

Process R&D FTE services

Continue building PMI guided PR&D capability:

flow chemistry; photochemical technology; hydrogenation; biocatalysis; process safety; automated synthesis & screening; process engineering


Acquired Shandong Diai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. as manufacturing site

Large production of key intermediates and RSMs

Focus on highly regulated market, audited by a number of customers

860,000+ sq ft pilot plant and manufacturing site

More than 30 reactors from 200L to 3000L

4 double-cone dryers and 3 drying ovens

A new API line complying with FDA requirements (in planning)

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